INSTRUCTIONS for Model Train Bridges/Sheds






The key to an awesome train set up is a bridge.  We are pleased to offer a variety of bridges, including custom bridges, made from quality Baltic Birch Plywood.   Baltic Birch was selected because of its high quality use in cabinet making. 

All bridges were designed using a solid modeling program in 3D.  These bridges are then manufactured using a CNC machine in order to achieve accuracy, precision, and consistently made parts.  All bridges are designed to handle two (2) O gauge tracks.

The design of our bridges includes a tongue and groove configuration to enhance the assembly process and to add to the strength of the entire structure. All parts are glued together in the groove locations. These bridges are designed to be supported at both ends by a supporting structure available from us or by you depending on your needs. Each bridge has a recessed section at both ends for these supports. Contact us if interested in supports in that we can make them at various heights depending on your specific requirements.

We would suggest that you go through the assembly process a couple times for practice before final assembly.

          Items suggested to assist in assembly are listed and shown in Figure A.

  1. Paint color and type of your choice
  2. Rope
  3. Wood glue
  4. Clamps
  5. Square toll
  6. Flat heavy objects


Overall bridge parts.See Figure B

  1. Bridge Base
  2. Bridge Sides qty 2
  3. Bridge Top
  4. Bridge Nameplate qty 2



  1. Painting/Staining:

For best results bridge should be painted or stained before assembly in order to have access to all areas of parts. Spray cans work great. Please make sure that you have determined paint type and color before beginning painting operation. Textured paints sometimes look great. We recommend you select and experiment on a sample piece of wood before painting the bridge. Grooves on side sections should be protected during painting operation so that area remains natural for gluing process. Also, outer sections of base and top truss pieces must also be protected during painting/staining. A piece of rope entered into grooves works well (FIG 1). When painting base and top pieces, direct spray from top and away from the sides of the tongues. (FIG 2) Several coats may be necessary. WE HAVE SUPPLIED TWO Extra PIECES of Baltic Birch for TEST PAINTING.
Allow paint to dry thoroughly before proceeding.

fig 1

fig 2

  1. Side assembly:

Apply a small amount of good wood glue to entire length of the BOTTOM groove faces of both side pieces FIG 3). With one side piece laying on its side on a flat surface insert the base into the bottom groove (FIG 4). Hold the two pieces together and rotate unit with the base located on the flat surface (FIG 5). Insert Base into second side piece (FIG 6). Make sure that the ends of the base are even with the ends of both sides (FIG 7). Apply Pressure to both sides along the entire length at base level.  Remove any excess glue that may visible. Make sure that sides are aligned to be in a vertical position and square with base.

fig 3

fig 4

fig 5

fig 6

fig 7

  1. Top assembly:  

Apply wood glue to the top grooves and insert top piece into side groove making sure that the ends are equal distant from the ends of each side (FIG 8). Install small clamps to hold parts together during glue curing process (FIG 9 & 10). Recheck square ness with proper tools. Remove any excess glue. Also use several heavy objects (bricks etc) along lower section of both sides to hold parts tightly during glue curing process (FIG 10). Remove any excess glue.  Let dry for about 60 minutes MINIMUM before removing clamps and proceeding to step 4.

fig 8

fig 9

fig 10

4.    Nameplate assembly:
Apply a small amount of glue to back side of each nameplate. Locate nameplate to the ends of top piece and align to be even with the top of each side. Hold in place with a clamp for 30 minutes Fig 11).

fig 11

4.  Completion:
Allow glue to dry for 24 hours before use. Fig.12

fig 12


If you have any problems or questions, please contact me.
Jim Robinson
Phone 716-773-6290



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